International Surf Therapy Organization Breaks Ground in Los Angeles

ISTO Breaks Waves In LA SurfLine

This article was written by the author of Waves of Healing ~ Cash Lambert for Surfline in 2019 about the first-ever symposium dedicated to surf therapy research. World-renowned surf photographer Aaron Chang was a keynote speaker and had this to say; “I think this can permeate through the medical world, throughout industries, and this can be the […]

Breaking waves with Kris Primacio CEO ~ South Bay Magazine

Southbay Magazine Women's Issue

After adopting surf later in life, the ISTO CEO, Kris Primacio, turned a personal refuge into helping heal others in need. “When you’re surfing, you’re not thinking about what’s waiting for you on land. That presence, that ability to be in the zone [flow state], to connect to yourself, it changes the way you see the world […]

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