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ISTO Contributors build our community and evidence-based. They share their program tools & evidence and help ISTO build the Surf Therapy community. Contributors can access the Shared ISTO Contributor Kit and also get invited to present their work at the annual ISTO conference.


  1. Collect data or conduct research (if you are not currently collecting data, feel free to use either of our 2 options for a quick survey to get started – see Research)
  2. Are legally registered organizations in their country
  3. Hold local insurance for their country
  4. Are financially transparent & produce annual audits/certificates of financial good-standing recognized by their countries Tax body.
  5. Are prepared to share their program tools with fellow practitioners
  6. Produce annual impact reports detailing their work
What next?

If you’d like to contribute to ISTO:

Please email your:

  1. Registration document
  2. Insurance document
  3. Impact report/research paper
  4. Curriculum / research tools
  5. We’ll onboard you to the ISTO contributor community!