Aoife Mc Keown (Primary School Teacher) – Liquid Therapy

I first heard about Liquid Therapy when I was learning how to surf with Bundoran Surf Co. I have spent the last three years teaching preschool children who have autism so the idea of combining this with my new love of surfing really appealed to me!

I was delighted to be included in the volunteer team which took Liquid Therapy on the road this year. Spreading fun, encouraging new skills, making new friends and introducing children to surfing wherever we went! I have seen first hand how the water and surfing can change a child’s life. Within a few minutes each child had conquered at least one of their fears, improved their social skills, tried something new, socialised with new people and most importantly did all of this without knowing because they were enjoying themselves so much.

The volunteers get just as much out of the experience as the children do. My favourite aspect was getting to take a child out into the water for a second or third time and see them grow more comfortable and confident. I cannot wait to work with Liquid Therapy again in the future and spread the love of water and surfing to the children I teach.