Dailin – Surf Project


When 16-year-old Dailin was little, she often said that she wanted to die. She didn't think she was good enough. Her mother would be better off choosing a different child. Dailin has ADHD, autism and a minor form of intellectual disability.

It's Dailin's fourth consecutive season at the Surf Project. The fact that she is able to stand upright on the board gives her the confidence that other things will work, too. At school, she signed herself up for an internship; she wanted to prove that she could assume responsibility. She got permission, which is quite unusual given that internships don't usually happen before eighth grade.

‘What I like most about surfing? That it works! When I stand on my board, I get a warm feeling inside’

Dailin recently got tested. The results showed that her performance had gone up exponentially, allowing her to skip a whole year. Her mentality has changed from 'I'm not good at anything' to 'there's no fault in trying, and I can surf!'