Josie Sanderson (Surf Instructor) – Liquid Therapy

Volunteering with Liquid Therapy was the most unexpected highlight of last summer for me. I love working with children so when Tom told me about what he was doing, I didn’t have to think twice about offering to help out.

From the very first session with Eoin I could see how much he loved the water by his occasional smiles and bursts of excitement. Having a one-to-one session meant that we could move completely at Eoin’s pace, spending the first session just getting used to being in the waves and on a surfboard . It was amazing how Eoin’s confidence grew with each session…I never thought that by the third session we’d be surfing waves together!

For me, the best thing about Liquid Therapy is that it truly is a two way experience. I now understand that seeing the enjoyment that the children and parents get out of it, is what keeps Tom motivated to continue this amazing foundation.