The International Surf Therapy Organization is focused on the understanding and proliferation of evidence-based practice. Research and evaluation are an integral part of this collective mission.

ISTO seeks to support contributing organizations, academic institutions and independent researchers in this aim.

If you need guidance, WE ARE HERE!

ISTO has developed easy-to-use Data Collection Tools.

Data is becoming the new health care currency, protecting it will be essential to influence system change. ISTO’s ability to deliver comprehensive data surveys and results on a global scale can advance the surf therapy sector. If you’re not collecting data, we’ve developed these tools to get you started.

A pre/post surf survey: Pre/Post Survey

A post-surf only survey: Post Survey

ISTO has already demonstrated its commitment to excellence in research and understanding through:

  • Through officially partnering with the world’s first Ph.D. in Surf Therapy.
  • In supporting the world’s first international symposium on Surf Therapy.
  • By regularly sending representatives to academic conferences within the medical, psychological, mental health and developmental paradigms.

If you wish to find out more about the kind of research ISTO endorses and provides the evidence-based for Surf Therapy practitioners worldwide please explore our live bibliography of Surf Therapy research.  If you are interested in supporting ISTO and its research mission, please get in touch via