About Us

Our Mission & Our Vision

We are a global community of surf therapy practitioners & researchers harnessing the power of collaboration and the ocean to advance the use of surf therapy as a mental and physical health intervention.

Advocating for surf therapy to be used globally to improve mental health. The International Surf Therapy Org is developing industry standards, ethics, and risk management, but our most significant contribution to the field is facilitating high impact research on the effectiveness of surf therapy.

UNDERSTAND: Increase understanding of Surf Therapy
Conduct shared research projects, publish existing research annually and share on intlsurftherapy. org, execute an annual Surf Therapy conference to highlight the impact and best practice in the sector.
SHARE: Promote excellence in Surf Therapy
Connect leaders of surf therapy organizations worldwide, share knowledge and exchange program tools, evaluation tools and evaluations to help each other improve practice and evidence base.
ADVOCATE: Build awareness of Surf Therapy
Share research and impact data at conferences globally, grow social media accounts and recruit global ambassadors to push awareness of surf therapy. Increase the inclusion of surf therapy beneficiaries in the growth of surf therapy worldwide.
Surfing the Spectrum Program

Our Mission

To enable more people in need access to safe, inclusive programs.

Our Vision

Surf Therapy to become a widely accepted evidence-based form of care.

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