International Surf Therapy Organization Breaks Ground in Los Angeles

ISTO Breaks Waves In LA SurfLine

This article was written by the author of Waves of Healing ~ Cash Lambert for Surfline in 2019 about the first-ever symposium dedicated to surf therapy research. World-renowned surf photographer Aaron Chang was a keynote speaker and had this to say; “I think this can permeate through the medical world, throughout industries, and this can be the […]

Breaking waves with Kris Primacio CEO ~ South Bay Magazine

Southbay Magazine Women's Issue

After adopting surf later in life, the ISTO CEO, Kris Primacio, turned a personal refuge into helping heal others in need. “When you’re surfing, you’re not thinking about what’s waiting for you on land. That presence, that ability to be in the zone [flow state], to connect to yourself, it changes the way you see the world […]

How surfing can help

Incredible Article!! THANK YOU Surfline and Beau Flemister for the exposure to Surf Therapy all around the WORLD! Mahalo! Read the article here

Can’t Steal Our Vibe

“You give someone a surfboard, it can change their life forever.”- @danedamus ~~~ In 2017 the legends @positivevibewarriors organised a board drive that collected over 700 boards for surf therapy programmes operating in under resourced communities in Africa. The boards were delivered at that start of this year, and it’s fair to say have brought […]

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle visit OneWave community

Just like the ocean, mental health doesn’t discriminate. OneWave: “It was such an honour to welcome The Duke and Duchess of Sussex to our OneWave community last month. For five years, we have used bright colours at Fluro Friday to raise awareness for mental health. During our chat with Prince Harry, he said Reaching out […]

Surf Therapy in The Telegraph

NEWSFLASH: If you want to beat the blues, catch a wave: the rise of mindful surfing. Fantastic read in today’s @telegraph thanks to @cathybussey – full of testimonies promoting the power of surf therapy including friends @waveprojectuk @finisterreuk. Check the whole article out HERE.

Red Bull: We all know that surfing makes you feel better

Earlier this summer Red Bull published an article about how surfing can improve your mental health. Surfing makes you feel better. It has an incredible powerful effect on the body and the mind. After a good surf you normally feel better than you felt before. The article is about ISTO and how we are out to […]

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